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Dive deep into your data with custom AI chatbots and Analytics. Seamlessly integrate within your existing workflows. Boost user engagement. Unlock the future, today.



VizGPT Analytics

Upload, visualize, and query your CSV. Make data-driven decisions powered by VizGPT.


Instant AI Search

Swift, precise navigation through your data with our AI-powered widget.


24/7 Engagement

Dedicated Discord and Telegram bots for continuous community support.


Data Transformation

Go beyond conventional data views. Visualize and analyze in real-time with VizGPT.


Deep Insights & Queries

Advanced search and query capabilities for context-rich and relevant results.


Data Source Flexibility

From website docs to CSVs, Notion, PDFs, and Slack data, we support varied data integrations.

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At Corpus-X, we aren't just pioneers in AI dev. We stand as your trusted partners, championing innovation at every turn.


Looking for custom AI solutions? Looking for custom AI solutions? Looking for custom AI solutions? Looking for custom AI solutions?
Get in touch with us now. Get in touch with us now. Get in touch with us now. Get in touch with us now.

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Experience the convergence of technology and convenience. Our chatbot ensures swift interactions, making every conversation seamless and informative.


An intuitive interface meets cutting-edge AI. Behold our chatbot in action, redefining user interactions one conversation at a time.


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If you're eyeing an AI-enhanced interface for your website, eager to train an AI on your extensive documentation, or have any other AI-centric requirements, we're the team you've been searching for.

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Unleash VizGPT: The AI-Powered Data Analyst

Upload. Visualize. Query. All in real-time.

Transform the way you perceive data.

Get instant insights, backed by the power of AI.


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Elevate your Data Interactions with VizGPT & AI


Enhance your workflow with AI Integration

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